Thursday, July 29, 2004

Delegates Talk: Sue Bartlett and Gene Fenderson

To Carl Donovan -- We're having a great time but we know, if you were here, we'd be having twice as much fun. We miss you!

The rural caucus was packed with information -- much of it dismaying like: 244 of the 250 poorest counties in the country are rural. We have a tremendous opportunity here. Don't agonize -- organize those struggling rural folks and we'll see you at the Inaugural in January '05!

Delegates Talk: George Parisot, Helena

Triumph the insult comic dog was at the convention last night. He was yelling at the delegates on the floor. Too bad we couldn't hear him because he's one funny dog.

Besides talking dog puppets we also saw Steve Buscemi, Alec Baldwin, Sen. John Glenn, John Waters, Jesse Jackson and many more...

Delegates Talk: Carol Juneau, Browning

Our delegation was a wonderful cross section of Montana - from recent high school graduates, veterans, women, men, American Indian, urban and rural - the voice of Montana was well represented at the Democratic National Convention.

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton were two speakers last night who fired up the delegates - they were great!

We are ready to go home and go to work to elect John Kerry and John Edwards.

Delegates Talk: Anonymous

The Democratic National Convention, definitely the socio/political event of the year! I offer the motion to extend it for another week! Are there any seconds to the motion?

Helena IR: Montana's 21 delegates cast their votes for Kerry, Edwards

HELENA - Montana's 21 delegates to the Democratic National Convention nominated John Kerry as the party's pick for president, party spokeswoman Patti Keebler confirmed Wednesday night. More...

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Delegates Talk: Sue Bartlett and Gene Fenderson, Helena

Our own Carol Juneau did a terrific job moderating the American Indian Caucus monday. Frank LaMere, Caucus Chair, spoke eloquently to the tribal peoples -- and to the nation -- about how American Indians have earned the right to sit at a presidential political table. American Indians have served in our nation's military in larger numbers per capita than any other population group. The last night, President Jimmy Carter, that man of good works, gave one of the toughest, most pointed speeches of his career. Clearly the George Bush foreign policy and war on the poor has been anquishing for Jimmy Carter, as well as for us.

Delegates Talk: Carol Juneau, Browning

The Boston Indian Center hosted a great reception for all the American Indian delegates on Tuesday afternoon sharing their culture and food (lobsters and clams). We look forward to another great Indian Caucus this morning as it was standing room only on Monday. I am proud to vote tonight for the next Democratic President and Vice President of the United States - John Kerry and John Edwards.

Delegates Talk: Stan Juneau, Browning

The Montana delegation met to receive our credentials for the convention. A meeting this is held each day beginning at 7:30 am. After the meeting it was off to the convention headquarters where I attended the women's caucus. Many speakers that discussed the issues of women being the lowest paid, plus family related issues. For me, the highlight was listening to Senator Hillary Clinton. What a great presence and fantastic speaker. Later, I attended the reception for Indian delegates hosted by the Boston Indian Center, which provided an opportunity for us to visit many of the Eastern Tribes and to hear their issues and concerns. The Eastern Indians support John Kerry for President.

Boston Globe: Montana delegates enjoy no-frills dorm life

An empty box of chocolate doughnuts sits in a makeshift wastebasket -- an empty 12-pack of Stella Artois beer. The bedsheets have not been changed in days, and dirty, wet towels are lying near the shower.

Welcome to dormitory living for the Montana delegation, where bathrooms are shared, room service is self-service, and towels look like dinner napkins to some of the huskier delegates.


Helena IR: Montana Demo delegation living it up on Beantown visit

Make no mistake, being a delegate is hard work. Just ask Lewis and Clark County Commissioner Ed Tinsley, one of 21 delegates from Montana in Boston this week for the Democratic National Convention. More...

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

DNC Blog

The DNC has its own blog during the 2004 Convention. You can view it here: here.

DNC Blog

The DNC has its own blog during the convention. You can visit it here.

Delegates Talk: Patti Keebler, Helena

On Monday night, Annabelle Richards and I were sitting together enjoying the convention when my cell phone rang. It was Superintendent of Public Instruction Linda McCulloch's campaign asking me to do some campaign volunteer work this week. The call was a great reminder that Montana Democrats are working hard to elect office holders like Linda who will ensure we have good schools for our kids. And by the way, Linda, sign me up for volunteer duty next week.

Delegates Talk: Tom Curry, Billings

I arrived in Boston on Saturday. The first night of the convention I sat next to Ted Sorenson, President Kennedy's speech writer. Organized labor is putting forth maximum effort to help win back the presidency. We meet daily for training, strategy sessions and good old-fashioned hell-raising. I am going to need another suitcase for all the stuff.

Photos from the Convention: Day 1

Monday was the opening of the Democratic National Convention. Here's some photos of our Montana delegation enjoying Boston:

The women of the Montana Delegation in their new red vests:

George Parisot and Paul Revere:

Diane Kamp Clayton, Betsy Scanlin and Molly Ivins

Entrance to Fleet Center:

Convention Floor:

September 11th Memorial during Convention:

Helena IR: Conventional family

John Kaleczyc said he was "genetically destined" to be a Democrat. His grandmother did "everything from radio ads to knocking on doors" for the party. His grandfather served many years in the Montana Legislature. His mom is politically active and his sister went to the 1996 Democratic National Convention. More...

Delegates Talk: Josh and Mariya Peck

As an alternate and the standing committee member to the platform committee, we don't plan to see much floor time. On the first night of the convention, when such greats as Presidents Carter and Clinton were speaking, we had just humbled ourselves to sit in the way high nose bleed section. A group of three guys were looking for three seats, and Josh noticed that one of them was an alternate. He told the guy he would trade the two seats that we were sitting in and the one next to us and his SPECIAL GUEST credential for that guys alternate credential. It worked. Josh knows several party people with the DNC and DLC and some lobbyists so he took us down to level 4, the suite level. Right away we scored Premier tickets to a super party suite (a party hosted by The suite was right above the floor and had a supreme view of the stage, and we got to party with people like Richard Schiff (Toby from West Wing), John Cusack, the Calvin Kline men's underwear models, Rev. Jessie Jackson, Casey Affleck (Ben's brother and star of Ocean's Eleven), and a few other TV actor/actresses. We had a lot of fun!! The best part of the night was feeling the awesome intensity of how excited Democrats are this year!!! Watch out America, The Democrat Party has come together and is stronger than ever!

Monday, July 26, 2004

Delegates Talk: Patti Keebler, Helena

As Montana’s representative to the convention’s Rules Committee, I was expecting a routine business meeting on Sunday, which would have been just fine with me, since I’m delighted to be part of the convention. But the business of adopting the rules of the convention also turned into a rousing rally for the Kerry-Edwards ticket. Rev. Jesse Jackson spoke to the over 200 Democrats at the meeting, as did DNC Chair Terry McAuliffe, Gov. Jennifer Granholm, Cong. Bob Matsui and Cong. Greg Meeks. Delegates gave President Bill Clinton’s Attorney General Janet Reno, a member of the Rules Committee, a standing ovation. FDR’s grandson and former Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall’s son are also members of the Rules Committee, along with representatives of all 50 state parties and other dignitaries.

--Patti Keebler, Helena

Delegates Talk: Rep. Monica Lindeen, Huntley

Hello Montana! Well I made it to Boston Sunday afternoon and am preparing for an exciting week at the convention. I was honored to be asked to join other delegates from around the nation to sit on stage during prime time on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening. That means I may have an opportunity to shake hands with people like Presidents Carter and Clinton. A group of seniors from Forsyth asked me to be sure and say hi to John Edwards. I’ll do my best ladies! Well, gotta run for now. I am off to find the Freedom Trail and attend a training or two before this evenings events. I’ll wave to everyone back home in Big Sky Country. Boston is great but Montana is the truly the Last Best Place!

Rep. Monica Lindeen, Huntley

Diana Kerry stops by to chat with Montana

Diana Kerry, the sister of John Kerry spoke to the delegation after our breakfast. Diana had just been in Montana last week for a tour of the Crow and Northern Cheyenne nations, Billings, Bozeman, Big Timber, Butte, Helena and Montana.

Montana Party Chair Bob Ream hugs Diana Kerry:

Sen. Baucus and Gov. Dukakis Visit Delegation

Montana Senator Max Baucus introduced to former Governor and 1988 Democratic Nominee for President Michael Dukakis. Gov. Dukakis is faculty at Northeastern University.


Sunday, July 25, 2004

Boston Globe: Kevin Furey, 21, Missoula, Mont.

Kevin Furey, 21, Missoula, Mont.

College student; Iraq war veteran

By Michael Paulson, Globe Staff  |  July 25, 2004

Eight months as an Army reservist in Iraq gave Kevin Furey plenty of time to think -- about his life, his country, his future. Skeptical about the rationale for going to war, and worried about the economy in his home state, he decided to enter politics.


View from Northeastern University of Boston

The Montana delegation is house at Northeastern. Here's some photos of the view from our 10th floor room. You can see Fenway Park....

Delegates Talk: Jake Brodsky, Helena, Age 9

The younges member of our delegation talks: "I'm happy to be here. It's fun to be around so many cool people. Boston's a cool place."

Delegates Talk: Kevin Taylor, Helena, Age 19

"The GAIN training is full of excitement and hope for the youth. The more we are taught, the more clear the intent of this training is to be prepared as future leaders of the
Democratic Party."

Delegates Talk: Treas Glinnwater

"We have a huge menu to choose form during this convention week. All kinds of caucuses sessions, and panels. We'll come back full of ideas."

Delegates Talk: Josh and Mariya Peck

"We left Butte at 4:40pm and flew to Salt Lake city and then Vegas. In Vegas, we won $95 before getting on a red-eye to Boston. We arrived in Boston at about 6 am and we were so excited that we didn't even go to sleep before the first morning meeting."

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Police contract gives 14.5 percent raise over 4 years Police contract gives 14.5 percent raise over 4 years

BOSTON -- The city's disgruntled police officers vowed to stick with their plan to picket dozens of events during next week's Democratic National Convention, despite winning a four-year pay raise of 14.5 percent from an independent arbitrator on Thursday. More...

Wired News: Boston Convention

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - It's showtime for John Kerry at the Democratic convention next week, when four days of carefully choreographed image-building will introduce Americans to the White House hopeful and try to spark a bounce for him in the polls. More...

Idaho Dems

Idaho Dems Ready For Boston Convention: If there's a modern day matriarch for the Idaho Democratic Party, it's got to be Bethine Church of Boise.

At 81, the wife of the late Sen. Frank Church has attended every Democratic National Convention since 1960 -- except one (Chicago 1968).

And this week, she's off to Boston as a Democratic delegate to attend what the Department of Homeland Security is calling the most protected public gathering in American history: the Democratic National Convention from July 26-29.  More...

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Montana Vets join up for Kerry

Montanans who have joined the volunteer-veterans army to help John Kerry’s fight to keep America’s promises to our veterans. View the list here.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Boston Globe: Presidential Film Series

In honor of the Democratic National Convention, The Boston Globe, in association with Loews Cineplex Entertainment at Loews Boston Common, invites you and a guest to go to the movies on us! See some of the most famous political films ever made — as well as a Special Sneak Preview of the 2004 remake of The Manchurian Candidate! What's more, after each screening, you'll be able to discuss the film in Q & A sessions hosted by Boston Globe reporters and editors.
I'm planning on going to the preview of the Manchurian Candidate.  Hope it is as good as the original... Center stage Preparing for the DNC: Center stage
FleetCenter is transformed into convention. As if one politician at a time isn't enough, the stage for the Democratic National Convention has two podiums, so that two speakers can address the audience at once.
Photos of the transformation can be viewed here.

Monday, July 19, 2004

State's Delegates Dismiss Nadar as Threat to Kerry

Independent Record: Montanans dismiss Nadar:Most Montana delegates to the Republican and Democratic national conventions agree on one thing: The candidacy of independent Ralph Nader is not likely to cost Democrat John Kerry the 2004 presidential race. Your blogger is in this article...

Montanans agree Edwards best choice for Kerry

Helena IR Opinion: Readers: Edwards good pick:
Last week's Question of the Week asked whether readers thought John Edwards was a smart choice for John Kerry's running mate on the Democratic presidential ticket. A majority did.

The Economy leads top issues for Montana Democrats

State Democrats cite jobs, terrorism as top concerns: Montana AP reporter Bob Anez interviewed Montana Democrats and Republicans heading to their respective conventions. It looks like this year it is the "economy stupid" and US war in Iraq.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Montana Vets Muster for Kerry

Montana Veterans for Kerry:
(HELENA, MT, July 15, 2004) -- More than 100 Montana Veterans today signed on to be part of a volunteer-veterans army and joined John Kerry's fight to keep America's promises to our veterans.

These Montana veterans support a fellow veteran, John Kerry, and we vow that we will leave no vet behind, said Montana Veterans for John Kerry Co-chairman Ray Peck, a World War II Army Air Corps veteran and former state legislator. We believe this administration has not served our veterans well, and we know that John Kerry will honor our commitments to our armed forces and the veterans who have bravely served our country.
You can visit the website here.

Monday, July 12, 2004 Reagan son joins lineup for Democratic National Convention

Ron Reagan will be speaking at the Democratic Convention in Boston and will focus on fetal tissue research in a search for a cure for Alzheimer's Parties to end early for conventioneers

Look's like you can put your party hat on in Boston, but don't plan on staying up too late...