Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Delegates Talk: Josh and Mariya Peck

As an alternate and the standing committee member to the platform committee, we don't plan to see much floor time. On the first night of the convention, when such greats as Presidents Carter and Clinton were speaking, we had just humbled ourselves to sit in the way high nose bleed section. A group of three guys were looking for three seats, and Josh noticed that one of them was an alternate. He told the guy he would trade the two seats that we were sitting in and the one next to us and his SPECIAL GUEST credential for that guys alternate credential. It worked. Josh knows several party people with the DNC and DLC and some lobbyists so he took us down to level 4, the suite level. Right away we scored Premier tickets to a super party suite (a party hosted by Google.com). The suite was right above the floor and had a supreme view of the stage, and we got to party with people like Richard Schiff (Toby from West Wing), John Cusack, the Calvin Kline men's underwear models, Rev. Jessie Jackson, Casey Affleck (Ben's brother and star of Ocean's Eleven), and a few other TV actor/actresses. We had a lot of fun!! The best part of the night was feeling the awesome intensity of how excited Democrats are this year!!! Watch out America, The Democrat Party has come together and is stronger than ever!


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