Monday, July 26, 2004

Delegates Talk: Patti Keebler, Helena

As Montana’s representative to the convention’s Rules Committee, I was expecting a routine business meeting on Sunday, which would have been just fine with me, since I’m delighted to be part of the convention. But the business of adopting the rules of the convention also turned into a rousing rally for the Kerry-Edwards ticket. Rev. Jesse Jackson spoke to the over 200 Democrats at the meeting, as did DNC Chair Terry McAuliffe, Gov. Jennifer Granholm, Cong. Bob Matsui and Cong. Greg Meeks. Delegates gave President Bill Clinton’s Attorney General Janet Reno, a member of the Rules Committee, a standing ovation. FDR’s grandson and former Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall’s son are also members of the Rules Committee, along with representatives of all 50 state parties and other dignitaries.

--Patti Keebler, Helena


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